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Count us on your Plaster Wall Repairs

Maintaining your home’s integrity (and worth!) is something you do when you make repairs to plaster walls or ceilings. The quality, appearance, and durability of the results you get might be greatly altered if you work with a seasoned plaster wall restoration firm like Fixitxpress Handyman. Here is how our method differs.

Fixitxpress provides wall repair services in Dubai. Plaster is a very strong, long-lasting building material that can endure for decades. However, your plaster walls and ceilings may occasionally need repair if you want to keep them looking great.
Fixitxpress Handyman can assist with maintenance and offer the required repairs to enhance the appearance and longevity of your plaster walls and ceilings.

Types of Plaster wall repairs

  • Cracked or brittle plaster
  • Wall resurfacing
  • Plaster restoration
  • Holes in the wall
  • Damage due to settlement
  • Damp Wall Repair

How we can help you in Wall Repair

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Will also provide Other full plumbing, painting and Handyman services.

Proper care and attention

When mending plaster effectively, it’s crucial to take careful thought into account because it might become brittle with time. We are skilled at evaluating plaster to establish the entire damage level and identify any repairs required to return your plaster to perfect condition.

Tried and Tested Methods

To strengthen and fortify your plaster, we use the most up-to-date technology in a tried-and-true, methodical repair process.

One method is to fasten the surrounding material.

Years of experience with residential plaster restoration projects served as the foundation for our thorough approach to plaster repair. Even minor fractures and holes can cause significant concern for the homeowner. You may relax knowing that Fixitxpress will ensure your plaster is sturdy, safe, and attractive.

Not only do we repair the harm, but

Our understanding of plaster repair methods extends beyond simple fixes. When performing repairs, we consider the plaster’s complete chemical makeup to the framework. To ensure the durability of the repair, we perform our task completely and thoroughly.

Dry Wall Repair Service Dubai

Professional drywall repair is essential to keep your house looking fantastic. Our drywall experts have seen and fixed it all, whether you nicked the wall while moving furniture or need to cover an unsightly hole.

Our skilled drywall specialists show up on time, dressed professionally, and prepared to finish the job properly. Fixitxpress can repair drywall damage from the following sources:

  • Cracks from settling
  • Damage from moisture
  • Regular wear and tear
  • Holes from drywall anchors
  • Water Damage

We won’t merely perform the required maintenance. We’ll also take steps to determine what caused the drywall damage (a leaking roof or inadequate ventilation), why it happened, and how to prevent it from happening again. If the drywall is beyond repair, we can assist in removing it and installing new drywall. 

Damp Wall Repair Service Dubai

damp wall repair

Damp results from moisture leaking through the skirting or walls, eventually compromising a building’s structural integrity. Condensation, penetrating dampness, and increasing wetness are all types of dampness. This water is treacherously all-pervasive and spreads quickly in all directions.

Wetness in cellars or dampness in bathroom walls is fairly typical. In humid environments, mildew and mold flourish, eventually becoming serious health risks. Walls eventually lose strength due to paint peeling and walls becoming papery and crumbly due to rising or penetrating water. A good technique to prevent dampness in homes and offices is to damp-proof your walls.

Damp Proofing treatiment in Dubai

Office space and homes are excellent assets. By offering unparalleled damp proofing services in terms of both price and quality, Southern Damp Proofing aids in maintaining the brand value of those investments. Fixitxpress has over 10 years experience in damp-proofing residential and commercial spaces in Dubai.

Damp Proofing prevents

  • Rising / Penetrating
  • Damp
  • Salt Crystallization
  • Damp Staining
  • Ingress of Water
  • Plaster Breakdown
  • Wet Rot / Dry Rot

Types Of Damp Wall Treatments And Repairs

Numerous techniques handle rising wetness, penetrating dampness, or condensation. However, using damp-proof silane/siloxane creams is the best, strongest, most cost-effective, and most impermeable solution.

These have been particularly well created. When injected into the wall mortar, they enslave the entire environment—above and below. When the damp-proof cream is progressively released, the polymer is first absorbed by the mortar’s capillaries before diffusing into other substrates and bricks.

These creams are drip-free, simple to use, and extremely efficient since they form a barrier that repels water.

Walls develop unsightly areas due to persistent dampness. Usually, emulsion paint, putty, or sealants are used to cure this moisture. These short-term solutions are undoubtedly less expensive but don’t address the underlying issue. It eventually results in structural deterioration and expensive repairs.

Walls with mold and moisture buildup, as well as seepage at joints, are all problems in and of themselves, not to mention the potential health risks they pose. Whether the bathroom or the basement has been impacted, moisture always impacts the entire space over time.

damp wall