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Expert electricians provide electrical rewiring services in Dubai.

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What service do we provide for your electrical rewiring?

The rewiring of your property usually takes several days to complete, depending on the size and number of rooms. So, you should plan out this upgrade in advance and, if applicable, vacate the property so that the electrician can work faster and more efficiently.

There are two primary steps in the rewiring of a house. All current lines, sockets, and switches are removed during the first. As the professionals will need to remove floorboards, access wires, and cables behind walls and ceilings, etc., some disruption will unavoidably occur during this process. It’s advisable to remove rugs and furniture before this stage begins.

The new wire will then be installed with the neatly right back boxes for sockets and light switches. The electricians will also test the circuit and fuse box, which will be rewired and connected. Keep in mind that, if necessary, experts can replace your consumer box. The safety of any new wiring will also be examined.

The second stage entails connecting all the electrical fixtures, including switches, sockets, lighting fixtures, and safety detectors. Once everything is wired up, the professionals will test each electrical component to ensure it is reliable and safe.

Remember that you may use our additional electrical installation services to save time and get things like a lighting update, an electric shower installation, a towel rail installation, and more done.
Before the rewiring service, you can discuss with the skilled electricians all the electrical work you would need to have done.

Lastly, you’ll receive an electrical rewiring certificate that complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Call Fixitxpress for any electrical rewiring service in Dubai. Our expert and experienced electricians can rewire any electrical circuit at an affordable cost in Dubai.

  • Rewire any property.
  • Service is available for both residential and commercial clients.
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About Electrical Rewiring service in Dubai

Different factors could be at play if you need to entirely or partially upgrade the electrical wiring in your house, rental property, or place of business. For example, you might be planning a significant renovation and only want to completely update your 30-year-old electrical system.

Or, let’s assume you’ll be building a new house addition, a garage, or a loft conversion that requires new electrical installation of cables, sockets, and light fixtures. Fixitxpress Plumbing and Handyman Services in Dubai can assist with any of your demands.

We rely on the expert and trained electricians who can expertly and safely rewire your home while adhering to all necessary rules. The electrical experts will first analyze the scope of the necessary work and, if relevant, evaluate the current electrical system to ensure that it complies with all applicable laws because a full rewiring of a home or commercial facility involves several stages.

The electricians will start the electrical rewiring work once you accept the price quote. The specialists will adhere to your directions regarding the quantity and location of new electrical outlets and fixtures you want to install.

The electricians will run several tests after the work is done to ensure everything is installed properly and working as it should.
Additionally, suppose you’re a landlord or a business owner. In that case, we can help you conduct an EICR to determine whether your current electrical installation is secure. A proper wiring assessment can help you decide whether you require a full or partial electrical rewiring and update.


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When to think about rewiring your home

As we previously indicated, if you’re renovating your home and changing the usage of a room or adding a new room to your home, you could require an electrician with rewiring skills.

But in what other circumstances—those involving safety—should you seriously consider evaluating your electrical system and possibly rewiring your home entirely or partially? 

Look at the following instances:
  • Outdated consumer boxes, switches, and sockets;
  • Aluminum cables that are out of date; 
  • Outdated wiring insulation (modern wiring has a PVC coating); 
  • Regularly blowing fuses
  • Relatively new appliances keep tripping;
  • Color shifts around switches and connections;
  • There are not enough outlets in the room;
  • Flickering lights that require too frequent replacement;
  • Electrical outlets emitting sparks;
  • Obtaining an electric shock while using a plug or touching an appliance;
  •  Burning odors or strange buzzing sounds.

Of course, the list is not very long. Additionally, not every circumstance mentioned above necessitates a total rewiring; for instance, a blown a fuse may indicate that one malfunctioning appliance or plug socket needs to be replaced or repaired. Therefore, if you have any concerns that your electrical safety is in jeopardy, your best action plan is to have a certified electrician inspect your whole electrical system.