Services We Offer​

Air Condition Repair and Service

ac repair

AC Repair

No worry if you got any trouble with your HVAC system. Fixitxpress can repair your AC within no time.

ac duct cleaning

AC Duct Cleaning

At Fixitxpress AC Duct Cleaning Service, we always strive to offer superb service quality with the highest standard of service.

Electrical Services

emergency electr5ical service

Emergency Service

Need Emergency Electrical Service in Dubai? Call us for the expert help needed in emergencies.

electrical fault finding service

Fault Finding

Our expert and experienced electricians can resolve any electrical fault in your home or office.

Light Installation

For quick and safe ceiling light and light fixture installations in Dubai, call Fixitxpress.

rewiring service dubai


Our expert and experienced electricians can rewire any electrical circuit at an affordable cost in Dubai.

Handyman Service

furniture assembly

Furniture Assembly Service

Furniture assembly services are available from Fixitxpress, taking care of the small details for you.

Mirror Hanging

Mirror Hanging

Hang or mount Mirror on the wall safely and securely with Fixitxpress Mirror Hanging Service.

curtain hanging

Curtain Hanging

If you want to ensure that your windows appear perfect, Call Fixitxpress to Hang your curtain and Blinds.

tv wall mounting

TV Wall Mounting

Professional TV wall Mounting service in Dubai to perfectly mount your TV on Wall

prctire hanging service

Picture Hanging

Every work of art needs to be displayed properly and with care. We provide reliable picture-hanging services in Dubai.

shelves wall mounting

Shelves Wall Mounting

When you need a lot of storage space, display some eye-catching articles in your living room.

Plumbing Service

emergency plumbing service

Emergency Plumbing

For 24-hour emergency plumbing repair, contact the expert plumbing team at Fixitxpress.

drain cleaning service

Drain Cleaning

We can clean drains to enhance wastewater circulation in every drain in your home.

faucet installation service

Faucet Installation

Fixitxpress Plumbing provides the best faucet installation services in Dubai.

Water Leak Detection Dubai

Water Leak

Call Fixitxpress to discover a water leak and rectify it within no time.

pipe repair service dubai

Pipe Repair

The professional pipe repair service to help you get your pipes back in working order.

fixture repalcement service dubai

Fixture Replacing

If you need to replace or install any plumbing fixtures in Dubai, Fixitxpress is the right choice.

plumbing upgrading

Plumbing upgrading

We can change previous pipes with high-quality whole-home repiping.

Water Line Leak

We provide low-cost, high-quality primary water line repairs to Dubai residents.

Painting Services

interior painting service

Interior painting

Add a new look to your interiors with Fixitxpress Interior Painting Service.

exterior painting service

Exterior Painting

Call us to refresh the appearance of your home or if you want to change the complete look of your home.

ceiling repair service dubai

Ceiling Repair

Is the plaster or gypsum ceiling damaged or deteriorating? We can repair your ceiling.

wall repair service dubai

Wall Repair

Plaster walls and ceilings may occasionally need repair if you want to keep them looking great