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Need Emergency Electrical Service in Dubai? Get the expert help needed in emergencies and protect your home and office from hazards.

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We’ll send you a qualified technician who will complete the work when you’ve successfully made a service appointment with us.

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You can rely on Fixitxpress Electricians to provide emergency services when you need them and have confidence in the quality of our work. We are available 24/7. We only use highly qualified electricians with extensive expertise and familiarity with electrical systems. They are completely competent in their field.

Our highly qualified electricians are capable, dependable, and always operate efficiently and competently. Suppose you need an emergency electrician in Dubai. In that case, we are confident that we can provide the best tradespeople and vital service at the most competitive price.

  • Electrical wiring emergency
  • Is the power out in the kitchen
  • No electricity for the appliances
  • Faulty electrical installations
  • Is the consumer unit emitting a burning odor
  • Electric shock from appliances
  • Tripping Circuit Breakers


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At Fixitxpress, our electricians are ready to solve all types of electrical work and restore your properties (houses and flats). Call Fixitxpress Plumbing and Handyman Services, Dubai electricians now. We always leave the house clean after the work is completed in full.

When should I contact a Dubai electrician in an emergency?

We will all experience an electrical fault at some point. Any electricity issue, no matter how big or minor, must be fixed immediately to avoid a fire hazard. In light of this, you can rely on our emergency electrician services if you have noticed an electrical problem and believe poor power is endangering your health.

And suppose you’re wondering when you should call an emergency electrician. In that case, the following are the scenarios you should call us in for:

Power outages: Electrical system failure is the most frequent cause of power outages. When you frequently work from home, there is a significantly greater electricity demand.

Your system may become overloaded by your heating appliances when the temperature drops. If you routinely deal with this issue, your best option is to have an expert inspect your house.

A complete power outage can be disastrous if your heating is affected or if there is a vulnerable individual in the house. Get in touch with us, whatever the emergency, and we’ll immediately restore safety to your house.

Sparks coming out of outlets when you use them: It’s never a good thing when sparks fly from anything, especially power outlets. Call a specialist immediately if you are currently coping with such a circumstance.

A hissing or loud buzz coming from the electrical panel – Electrical panels that buzz are never good. If yours makes a loud noise, you likely have a malfunctioning circuit breaker, which necessitates immediate action.

Ceiling fixtures that are hot to the touch -A hot fixture is not typical. If the ones in your home feel warm to the touch, there may be a wiring problem, or the wrong bulb type was chosen. Because it’s challenging to reach the new fixtures, it can be simple to disregard them, but it shouldn’t be.

Electrical cables close to water mains due to accidental water damage -Try to turn off the electricity and call us if you feel unsafe due to an unintentional water leak in your home or a neighbor, so we can look into the matter and make you feel comfortable once again.

Lights are flickering – You are likely dealing with a bad connection somewhere along the circuit. If your lights start to flicker, you are certain that the problem is not with the bulb. Sparking, overheating, and fire may result from this.

A burning smell coming from an outlet, switch, or fuse box: You risk overstressing one electrical outlet, which might cause it to heat up and even burn.

Marks at the exit and a charred smell will also be present. Calling an electrician should be your first action if you find a burned outlet. The outlet could be very hot, so don’t touch it.

This could result in a major electrical fire and more costly repairs if it is not fixed soon. Turn off your power source and call an emergency electrician if you see smoke coming from a socket or smell burning.

Circuit breakers tripping with increasing frequency-A continually tripping circuit breaker is a very good indicator that something is amiss if you have a malfunctioning appliance in your home or hidden wiring problems.

Power cut off inside kitchen -You could have problems with your fuse box or the wiring that connects to it if you frequently experience power outages in your kitchen. A broken oven socket can be disastrous when taking care of your family. Expert electricians can handle any problem, no matter what it is.

Electrical fire -A malfunctioning device or system may result in an electrical fire. Both a functional smoke detector and an electrical fire extinguisher should be present.

Additionally, it’s critical to remember how deadly electrical fires are and how they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even if you put out the fire, you must act right away. After the fire has been put out, avoid turning the power back on. Call a licensed electrician immediately to check your electrical system, identify the issue, and do the necessary repairs.

Services provide by Fixitxpress
Emergency Electrical Services

No matter where the issue is—in your home, rental property, or place of business—qualified electricians will quickly fix the issue. Therefore, the following is a list of the jobs we can do:

  • Electrical Emergency fault finding: We can send you an expert emergency electrician to carefully examine your property for any potential electrical issues and address them there and then.

  • Emergency repairs of interior and exterior lighting – You can consider any sort of lighting fixed or installed, including security lighting, interior lighting, external lighting, dimmers, etc.

  • Re-wiring or new wiring service Have you recently moved into a new home only to discover that the wiring is outdated? Or if all you want to do is modernise your kitchen by adding more equipment and require a complete rewiring? Whatever the situation is, we can assist!

  • Fitting new switches and power sockets- Are you having issues with your outdated electrical outlets? They’ll be quickly replaced by fresh ones. Would you like to replace the switches in your house? We can also assist with it.

  • Fuse box testing and replacement: we can assist you by either testing the fuse box or replacing it with a newer one if you have just moved properties and discovered that the fuse box couldn’t meet the needs of your new property or is simply giving you problems.

  • Repair of faulty or tripping circuits: The system trips when there is too much electricity going through the circuit breaker, and you are aware of what happens next. Call us, and we’ll come fix your broken circuit breaker.

Frequently asked questions

We’ll work hard to arrange for an expert to visit you as soon as possible. Remember that we largely depend on the availability of the electricians we employ. Nonetheless, you can typically plan a service appointment for the same day on all days of the week.

Not at all, no. The trained professional will show up completely prepared for your emergency electrician service. We bring all top-notch tools, equipment, and replacement parts.

Many signs scream “electricity problems.” Some of them are as follows:
-Touching certain appliances, switches, or electrical outlets might electrocute you;
-The outlets and power sources have come into contact with water;
When you plug something in, your power outlets emit a burnt or smokey smell.
Suppose you’ve encountered those above and feel you’re in danger after doing so. Get in touch with an expert immediately to assess your property.

Yes, to answer briefly. If there are exposed or corroded wires, moisture, or if you disconnect something from an overloaded outlet, a fire could occur. A short in the wiring within the wall or the socket could result in a fire hazard. In any case, if a power outlet in your home is warm to the touch, call an expert immediately to inspect it.

Flickering lights may indicate a wiring issue or electrical failure in your home. The main causes of home fires in the UAE are appliance malfunctions and frayed cables. Flickering lights are a problem that you shouldn’t take chances with. If you are experiencing such a problem, contact an expert electrician immediately.

The property’s electricity should be turned off first; only then should you attempt to put out the fire. Never attempt to put out a fire with water while the power is still on. Use a blanket or other piece of heavy fabric to try and cut the oxygen. Make sure you know what kind of fire extinguisher you will use. Electrical fires are classified as Class C, requiring a specific extinguisher.