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Our expert wall mounting service Dubai can help you if you still need a shelf unit in your apartment, whether you have a lot of storage space or not, to display everything that is important to you.
Or you’ll need one installed in your kitchen or bathroom to store all the essential household items. For that, IKEA wall shelves are a fantastic alternative. IKEA has a range of floating shelves and shelf units to make your house look both comfortable and elegant. Use our well-regarded professional wall mounting service if you don’t feel like doing it yourself;
Fixitxpress handymen will arrive at the appointed time and wall mount the shelves for you in any configuration you desire.

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Will also provide Other supplementary services like furniture delivery and garbage removal.

Floating wall mounting shelves Service

If you want to declutter and organise your area without filling it up, IKEA floating shelves are the ideal option. You must exercise extreme caution if you choose to build a floating shelf by yourself.

If you don’t know how to accomplish that, look up some instructions online or Google it, but even then, you run the danger of damaging your wall if you do it incorrectly. Do you want nothing to do with that mess? No issue.

Contact us (link to contact form), and we’ll be happy to assist you! Fixitxpress professionals have been installing hundreds of wall shelves annually for years, and our expert handymen can do so promptly and flawlessly, relieving us of this strain.