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When exterior painting services are required, whether you want to refresh the appearance of your home or try something new, painting the exterior of your home will instantly set it apart from the neighbors. If you’re trying to sell your property, painting is the quickest and most effective way to increase the property’s value.

But painting the outside of a building is a challenging operation. You can encounter certain difficulties if you’re not an expert house painter. The outside painting services offered by Fixitxpress are unrivaled in their capacity to deliver high-quality paint jobs and give you access to continuing assistance and professional painters.

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Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing your paint color is sometimes one of the first stages when deciding to paint your home. When deciding the color of your home’s exterior paint, there are numerous factors to consider.

Landscape: The exterior paint colors you choose will depend on your environment. You might consider using a lighter color if your home receives much shade. However, you might want a darker color if you want to disappear into the trees. It’s crucial to consider how you want the exterior of your home to blend in with the surroundings.

Architecture: You might live in a colonial-style home or a Victorian-style home. They both have very distinctive architectural designs with unique peaks and embellishments. No matter how your house is constructed, some architectural aspects can be highlighted with color.

Current Colors  When you paint, the color of your roof, driveway, gravel, and mulch won’t change. Think about how you want these aspects of your property to be highlighted by the exterior paint colors you choose.

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How we paint the exteriors?

Painting a house’s exterior requires much work. Most likely, it won’t be finished in a weekend. To handle your house painting demands, you might want to engage a professional if you’re not equipped to tackle the following.


Your home’s exterior has to be washed before painting. To achieve this, you can use a pressure washer. Starting at the top ensures that all dirt and grime falls off the siding and trim.


It’s crucial to scrape any stray paint from the house siding after that. Drop cloths should be placed beneath your workspace to prevent paint chips from landing on the grass.


Sanding is critical to providing a perfect surface for the paint to adhere to and smoothing the outside surfaces.


Before priming the outside, any cracks and holes will be remediated with cement or gypsum filler.


The surface must then be prepped. Every prime is unique. How many coats are required will be specified by the paint manufacturer.

Chaulk & Paint

Fill up all the crevices and corners to prevent moisture from leaking in. The house should now be painted in the color of your choice.