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Call Fixitxpress for any electrical fault-finding service in Dubai. Our expert and experienced electricians can resolve any electrical fault like dripping circuit breakers, no power, flickering lights, and more in Dubai.

  • Resolve any electrical faults quickly.
  • Service is available for both residential and commercial clients.
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Get your electrical faults in Dubai diagnosed and repaired quickly.

No property is ever completely protected from electrical hazards and harm, whether it be your home or your place of business, no matter how much effort and money you put into its security. That’s why, as soon as a problem manifests itself, you must have a licensed electrician examine yours for flaws.

Our experienced electrical fault diagnosis and repair services at Fixitxpress Plumbing and Handyman Services will shield your property from any electrical harm. You can rely on licensed electricians to identify the issue, advise on what needs to be done, and carry out the necessary repairs immediately, whether you have broken sockets or hard wiring.
You don’t need to worry about the supplies required for the service’s execution either because the specialist will show up with top-notch tools, machinery, and replacement parts.

Therefore, don’t take any chances with potentially dangerous electrical difficulties and immediately schedule electrical fault identification and repair services with Fantastic Services.
electrical fault repair

How we carry out our electrical fault finding and repair service

We’ll send you a licensed electrician to complete the solution after you’ve scheduled an electrical problem-finding and repair service session with us.

  • The expert will examine the electrical problem that has been reported, assesses the harm it has caused, and determine its root cause. The electrician will carry out a series of unique tests and record each potential source of the defect to finish all of these jobs;
  • An experienced professional will complete the repairs after determining the cause of the electrical fault. The electrical issue, whether it was caused by poor wiring or a defective switch, is now resolved.
  • At the end of the service, the professional will repeat a couple of tests to ensure that everything is working properly and that there are no more electrical issues.

Common electrical issues that we can identify and fix

Various factors, including old wiring, ordinary wear and tear, corrosion, and environmental factors, can cause a significant electrical issue. It’s crucial to have a licensed and knowledgeable professional check the issue as soon as possible if your home has shown indicators of an electrical breakdown. The following are the most typical electrical issues that one could experience:

  • Faulty lighting in one or more rooms or throughout the building;
  • Strobing lights in one or more rooms
  • Electrical outlets are not powered.
  • Defective electrical outlets
  • Hot outlets for electricity.
  • Smoldering light switches
  • ELCB trips frequently.
  • Electrical short circuits
common electrical faults