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Did a leaky pipe or roof leave a gaping hole in your ceiling or ugly stains? Has the aging of your ceiling caused cracks to appear? Is the plaster or popcorn ceiling damaged or deteriorating? You won’t need to worry about drywall ceiling damage any longer, thanks to Fixitxpress Ceiling Repair Services in Dubai.

All types of ceiling repairs, cracked or damaged plaster or drywall, unintentional holes, and our team handles more. Damage to the ceiling may appear alarming, but with the appropriate expert, it may be repaired.

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Common Ceiling damage causes

Although Fixitxpress has a wealth of experience fixing all kinds of ceiling problems, some damage is more frequent than others. Here are a few of the ceiling repairs we do most frequently.


The most common sorts of ceiling damage that we fix are lingering stains, holes, and warping. We thoroughly assess the area to decide on the best action for repair once the original problem is resolved and the proper experienced personnel minimize the immediate damage.

Badly Taped Seams

Your ceiling’s drywall seams may gradually show wear over time as it settles. To restore the clean, smooth appearance of your ceiling seams for years to come, we can secure the surrounding panels, remove the old tape, and apply stronger tape.

Stress Cracks

Over time, these ceiling cracks frequently appear. To prevent future cracks from reappearing, we inspect the surrounding drywall area once repair work is complete for indications that the drywall panel is securely fastened.

Collateral Damage

Some ceiling problems are unintentional, like when a technician trips up while performing HVAC maintenance in the attic and sends his foot through the ceiling. You’d be surprised to learn how frequently these mishaps occur!

These typical ceiling damage reasons are easily remedied with Fixitxpress. Our skilled, insured specialists perform repairs with less mess and superior quality compared to other services.

Popcorn Ceiling and Textured Ceiling Repair

Fixitxpress can repair all types of textured ceilings, including popcorn and smooth drywall ceilings. We also provide texture matching for different kinds of ceiling textures.

Retexturing is a specialized finishing process that comes after our normal ceiling repair process, and it’s the key to ensuring the texture of the repaired area matches the texture of the rest of your ceiling flawlessly.

Retexturing is the main difference between popcorn ceiling repairs and smooth drywall ceiling repairs. We can also assist you if your popcorn ceiling is in good shape but you want to eliminate the texture.

Textured Ceiling Repair Services by Fixitxpress

Why Choose Fixitxpress for your ceiling Repairs?

We’re Thorough

To ensure our repairs are long-lasting and robust, we meticulously inspect the entire ceiling, not just the damaged region.

We Respect Your Space

We take great pride in maintaining a spotless workplace. From the beginning to the end, Fixitxpress takes care to safeguard, keep clean, and free of clutter in the regions below the repair and the contents of the surrounding rooms.

We’re Fast and Effective

Thanks to our years of experience repairing and restoring ceilings, we can finish most of the repairs in a single day and leave you with breath-taking and long-lasting results.

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