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Domestic and Commercial Electrical Services Dubai

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For any electrical needs, our skilled electricians go above and beyond.

Our expert electricians provide complete solutions for any electrical repairs for your home.
We will ensure the quality of every work and make as little as possible to disturb your house. And at a time that is appropriate for you and a deadline has been set.

In Dubai, our skilled household electricians offer electrical services. Our customers receive excellent value and benefits from us. We also provide 24-hour emergency call-outs. As we provide upfront quotes for any work, there is no scope for a surprise.

If your property needs rewiring, our experienced electricians can complete it efficiently.

Fixitxpress Electrical services install, maintain, and repair electrical systems for you. Here are some common electrical services offered by us.

Electrical installation: We install electrical wiring, outlets, light fixtures, and panels.

Electrical repair: Got any electrical issues? We can fix faulty wiring, damaged outlets, or broken light fixtures.

Electrical maintenance: Our team of expert electricians will do regular inspections and tests. Regular inspections can ensure that your electrical systems are safe and secure.

Electrical upgrades: Upgrading existing electrical systems can improve safety and efficiency.

Panel upgrades: Electrical panels to increase the electrical system’s capacity and improve safety.

Circuit breaker replacement: Dripping the circuit breaker is a cause of worry. Fixitxpress expert electricians can replace circuit breakers that have become worn or damaged.

Fixitxpress electricians can diagnose and fix problems quickly and efficiently. We offer electrical services at fair prices.

Domestic Electrical Services in Dubai

emergency electrical service

Emergency Services

For any electrical emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you can count on us. We solve 80% of all electrical emergency calls within 60 minutes.

distribution board repair

Distribution Board Repair

The heart of the electrical system in your house is the distribution board. An old distribution board won’t work for very long. Get in touch if your DB needs to replace with a modern consumer unit.

electric cooker installation

Electric Cooker Installation

Fitting an electric cooker is not a “plug-and-play” activity. A qualified electrician can do the task safely and securely. We ensure the correct installation of the appliance.

House Rewiring

House rewiring is the major electrical upgrade a homeowner needs to do. We’ll make the electrical system upgrade on your property as painless and tidy as possible.

Commercial Electrical Services in Dubai

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Fixitxpress offers comprehensive commercial electrical services in Dubai for large and small companies. Our team responds to your concerns and provides you with commercial electrical services. Each of our services is customized to match your unique requirements.

We work with you to provide effective solutions to your company’s electrical needs. When it comes to service quality, Fixitxpress is always at froe front.
We choose our electricians after a careful evaluation of their skills and experience. The highest safety with performance is our goal, and that’s what you can expect from us.

What we offer our commercial clients

Our commercial electricians have experience in various commercial and industrial electrical systems.

Fixitxpress provides electrical testing and maintenance to complete electrical installs and lighting upgrades.

We can fix, modernize, or update a wide variety of electrical frameworks with the help of a skilled crew. Our electricians have a wide range of reliable and successful commercial electrical services.

Our commercial electricians provide our clients with the best, most cost-effective electrical service. We always offer the best solutions and take pride in offering the best services at low pricing.

Most Trusted Electrical Service in Dubai

Trustworthy Handyman Services

Our expert team has the necessary experience and tools for all electrical service

Convenient Schedule

We work according to your timing so that you can book our service anytime.

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