Air Conditioning Repair Service

Fixitxpress Handyman service offers the best air conditioning repair service in Dubai. We provide quality service under affordable charges with a warranty for the quality.

Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Service by experts in Dubai

Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Service by Experts in Dubai

The importance of routine air conditioning repair and maintenance services cannot be overstated. Our teams of committed air conditioning service technicians are solely dedicated to servicing and maintaining air conditioning devices. Their extensive knowledge allows them to assess whether a specific component is approaching the end of its useful life. They can recommend replacements to prevent the device from failing when needed.

There are no “ifs and buts” about air conditioning systems with regular maintenance that will survive longer than those without. We still maintain appliances we installed more than ten years ago, which function flawlessly. In contrast, due to a lack of routine maintenance, we’ve seen identical brands of units need to be replaced after only three years. Energy costs are kept down, and air conditioning equipment operates efficiently!

Almost all of the systems we install come with a remarkable 5-year warranty from us. This demonstrates the minimum life expectancy that we anticipate for our installations.

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Air Conditioning Repair Service Plans

We can create a “tailor-made” preventative maintenance plan for you that will meet your needs and guarantee that your air conditioners are constantly operating at their peak capacities.

From homes, workplaces, and retail establishments to hotels, schools, and hospitals, we service air conditioners in structures of all sizes and forms.

Tailor-Made Air Conditioning Repair & Service Plans for Homes, Offices, and More in Dubai
Common Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

How can you identify, if my air conditioning repair service needs?

Various warning indicators indicate it’s time to get your air conditioner serviced. Common warning indicators include the diminished performance of the appliance, such as ineffective cooling, heating, or restricted airflow. Unpleasant odors originating from the system are another prevalent symptom.

If any of these symptoms are present, having your units serviced as soon as possible is critical. You are in the greatest danger of the unit failing during this time. According to our expertise, most costly air conditioning repairs occur in units without regular servicing or maintenance.

Your air conditioning system installation requires a significant financial commitment. You will obviously want to protect your investment by extending the life of your system and ensuring that the air conditioning units continue to operate effectively and inexpensively.

Our Suggested AC Maintenance Programs

When our professionals finish performing the AC maintenance, they will thoroughly evaluate the units and thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of the indoor and outdoor units.

They will examine the system to ensure it operates within normal limits and flush out drain lines to help lessen the likelihood of future leaks.

When we “service” your units, we don’t just clean the filters like many less-than-reliable AC firms do.

Before you sign a maintenance contract, we will send you a written quotation outlining everything covered by your service and maintenance program. The quote will also include pricing information, so you will know what you are getting and how much it will cost.

Our maintenance programs are made specifically for your system. They are designed to provide you with the best value for your money. Suppose you choose us as your annual maintenance engineer after we install your air conditioner. In that case, you will be automatically enrolled in our unmatched 10-year warranty. For what can frequently be a sizable investment, no better protection is offered by any other air conditioning provider.

Comprehensive AC Maintenance Programs Ensure Optimal Performance
Recommended Service Frequencies for Air Conditioning Systems

What Should be Done to service a system?

One service visit a year is typically enough when an AC system is used only for cooling in a domestic setting. However, we advise at least two annual checkups when the system is used for both heating and cooling.

At least two annual visits for commercial uses, such as stores, offices, or restaurants, would be necessary. We propose that your air conditioning maintenance routine provides for three or more service visits in key locations, such as server rooms, trade floors, workshops, or hair or beauty salons, where there are frequently significant amounts of airborne contaminants.

We also have fantastic rates for you if you need service for several air conditioners. Contact us for further details and a price quote on our air conditioning servicing and maintenance packages.

Professional Air Conditioning Repairs

There are many different kinds of AC troubles, including clogged drains, noisy fans, condensation leaks, thermostat issues, filthy filters, tripped circuit breakers, and reduced airflow, to mention a few. The following are some of the most typical AC issues that might cause equipment failures:

Refrigerant Leak

Your cooling system’s main energy source is refrigerant. If your refrigerant isn’t operating properly, you risk problems. Refrigerant leaks are common and may occur at any time due to subpar installation, inadequate upkeep, or charging issues. They not only lead to system failures but also put your family and pets in danger. A timely HVAC inspection will assist you in successfully removing any threats.

Thermostat Defects

The thermostat uses innovative technology to control the temperatures of several rooms. A thermostat is a communication connection because it contrasts the standard room temperature with the desired temperature. A faulty reading on the thermostat is an alarm that alerts you to potential dangers. If you use professional HVAC repair services to troubleshoot the thermostat, your system won’t break down.

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