Furniture Assembly Service

Reliable Furniture Assembly Services in Dubai

furniture assembly service
Fixitxpress handyman provides reliable furniture assembly service in Dubai. Assembling furniture is more involved than described in the IKEA manual. It requires skill and experience to put together the little parts of a huge wardrobe.
Many people need help with the assembly of Modular Furniture. That’s why we have added furniture installation service to our service list. Our Furniture assemblers have the experience and tools to put any furniture. 
Additionally, we deliver, disassemble, and reassemble any modular furniture. We are the go-to business for furniture assembly in Dubai. Our task is over when everything is placed, the area is free of clutter, and your home or business is pristine.

What do our furniture assembly services do?

Our furniture assembly service combines your new modular furniture. When moving into a new house or place, you want your furniture to be set up as quickly and easily as possible.
Expert staff will disassemble and reassemble any modular furniture. We are the best furniture assembly company in Dubai. Our work isn’t complete until everything is set up and located. We remove all trash after work, and your house or office is tidy and ready for use.
We will collaborate with you to prevent disruptions to your daily activities at home or work. We aim to have your furniture working and set up as soon as possible.
Call us to learn more about our modular furniture assembly services.
furniture assembly service

Types of Modular Furnitures we assemble

office furniture

Office Furnitures

Living Room

dining room furniture

Dining & Kitchen


Sofa Assembly Services Dubai

Do you need to assemble a sofa in Dubai? Fixitxpress is a full-service furniture assembly company. We are a skilled, precise, and customer-focused service provider.
You can depend on us for quick, expert couch assembly, whether for a new home, apartment or workplace. You don’t need to worry about anything; relax on your new sofa and let us handle the lifting, moving, and turning.
sofa assembly service

Expert in Dubai Office Furniture Assembly Services

rail instalaltion
Fixitxpress’s furniture assembly service is a convenient way to assemble furniture. Our service eliminates the hassle of doing it yourself.
You not only save yourself pain and time when you engage us to assemble IKEA items for you. The majority of people struggle to put their flat-pack things together. Our flat-pack furniture assembly service is intended for Dubai residents. By assembling your new bedroom sets, desks, and tables, we can help you enjoy them.

Benefits of Fixitxpress Furniture Assembly Services

  • Flat-pack furniture installers at Fixitxpress are highly qualified experts.

  • We always bring our tools when assembling flat-pack furniture.

  • You can book our service anytime by phone, online, or email.

  • Flexible working hours and a variety of available booking slots

  • You’ll receive exceptional discounts when you order our flat-pack assembly and furniture delivery.

Best flat pack assembly choice in Dubai

We Collect Flat Packs

We collect the furniture from the furniture store directly.

We Deliver

Collected items are safely transported to your home. No worries about delays and damages.

We can Assemble

Once we deliver the items, our experts can put them together for you.

Office Furniture Assembly Services

office furniture assembly services

In Dubai, Fixitxpress provides full office and home flat pack assembly. Our handymen are trained to assemble all office furniture in Dubai. As a value-added service, we remove debris and old furniture as well. We have over ten years of expertise in assembling flat-pack furniture in Dubai.

We’ll work around your schedule and complete the project on time. And easy scheduling of our service ensures the service availability as required.

Office Desk Assembly Service

Office desks are a staple of many businesses and organizations. They must be robust, useful, and easy to use. They can be challenging to assemble, though.

Let the trained professionals at Fixitxpress Furniture Assembly handle it. We provide expert office desk assembly services in Dubai.
Whether you’re moving offices, setting up a new workplace, or upgrading your furniture, we can help.

We are aware of the challenges involved with opening or moving an office. We guarantee to complete the assembly assignment on time and within your budget. We provide attention and service if you need one desk or 100 desks.

Give Fixitxpress a call immediately for all your office desk assembly needs.

office desk assembly dubai
work station assembly service

Workstation Assembly Service

Fixitxpress is a seasoned full-service provider of furniture assembly and office workstation assembly.
Our meticulous attention to detail and top-notch customer service are our greatest strengths. Let our skilled workstation assembly technicians set up your workspaces.
We have put together a variety of office workstation designs and manufacturers.
An office desk might be challenging to put together. The workstation could only crash if done. Putting together the office furniture by un experienced may harm others. Let experts at Fixitxpress complete your office workstation assembly task.
Call us to learn how we can set up your new workplace.