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How to Make Home Maintenance Easier A guide from Fixitxpress

home maintenance guide
home maintenance guide

What we experienced from maintenance work

We visit many people’s homes daily as a Maintenance company in Dubai. Some are good houses, and a few are not. Some are new, whereas others are old; some are massive, whereas others are small. Of all the houses we see, nearly all of them require everyday, month-to-month maintenance work.

Unimaginable amounts of damage and money are lost on problems that might and should have been fixed with regular maintenance. 

Water causes turbulence and complicates home maintenance work.

In our view, the greatest enemy of any home is water. It’s typically floor water that leaks. Generally, it’s from roof leakage, and in different instances, it can be from the air conditioning drain system or plumbing leaks. Of all the ways water can and eventually will enter your home, they’re all controllable! Later in this report, we will review some water management tricks. The second-greatest enemy is the homeowner’s DIY handyman. There must be legislation! You should not do your wiring in your home just because you can! That is a tip for you as a home maintenance service provider.

If the typical homeowner would take a couple of minutes every month and do some standard home maintenance, they’d save a lot in the long term. It’s about saving cash this entire time. How about saving one thing more essential than cash? How about your or your loved ones’ lives? 

Don’t ignore smoke alarms.

Do you believe that almost all homes we inspect have functional smoke alarms in the rooms and bedrooms? How many are live CO detectors operational? You realize where we are going with this, do you? When was the last time you modified the batteries in your smoke detectors? Have you ever gone over with your loved ones, particularly young children, the steps they need to take in case of a heart attack or other emergency?

Quick Home Maintenance Work Ideas

We can go on and on concerning the significance of regular home maintenance work. We are giving you some quick ideas that you can implement right away. Suppose you take care of these few things once a month; you’ll already be ahead of the majority in home maintenance. They don’t seem demanding or time-consuming; they’re essential. Following these steps, we present you with a method to make property maintenance simple! Remember that your property is the most significant investment you’ll ever make. Most individuals wash their automobiles weekly and hardly clear their houses!

  • Build the grade around your home. That is essential whether or not you’ve got a basement or not. It should be formed with your home in mind, sloping away from it at a rate of roughly one inch per foot for every five toes. In some homes, this isn’t possible because of sidewalks or a neighbor’s home. Something that you do will assist in diverting the water away, although. When you have sidewalks that adjoin your home, it’s best to caulk the joint with good concrete caulking that doesn’t shrink. Add window wells when you have home windows in the basement below grade.
  • Clear your gutters and downspouts repeatedly. It’s best to check and clean your gutters at least twice a year. Water will divert away from your foundation and your basement if your gutters and downspouts are correctly functioning. Depending on the number of trees in your yard, you may need to wash them in a specific manner. The spring and fall could be good times to do that. Keep in mind that these are gutters, not planters! I noticed a home that had flowers rising from the gutters! The poor homeowner couldn’t figure out why there was water in the basement! Try a few of the gutter guards if you like them. They don’t work as well as intended or are usually not worth the cash you’d spend on them. Some firms can also clean and repair your gutters for you.
  • Take a look at the GFCI outlets in your house. GFCI stands for “floor fault circuit interrupt,” and these may also help save your life! It is best to seek the advice of a licensed electrician on the correct places in your house to have GFCI outlets. So if you don’t have any, consider having some put in. If you have any, it’s best to check them month-to-month. Testing them is as straightforward as pushing the check button to ensure that it works, after which you reset it. If they don’t work when examined, seek the advice of a licensed electrician. Some houses have GFCI breakers in the primary panel field; these serve the same purpose as shops and must also be examined month to month.
  • Take a look at the smoke detectors and alter the batteries as desired. As I discussed above, it’s best to have smoke detectors on every level of your property. They might be beneficial to have in each bedroom as well. It is ideal to have an emergency plan that is familiar to your entire household. The correct fireplace extinguishers within the kitchen, laundry, storage, and at every home stage are suitable. Your native fireplace division may also help you with which sort to get and their correct placement and utilization.
  • Rent a professional maintenance service to do the work in your house. We are not advising you that you shouldn’t do any residence repairs yourself; It’s always better left to the professionals. If doubtful, at the very least, name an expert for guidance.

This article does not represent the challenges that you should and would face each month.

Regular home maintenance is essential to maintain your property and save money afterward.

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Simple Home Maintenance issues that you can handle on your own

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