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Hardwood Flooring the Complete Guide: Care & Maintenance

hard wood flooring
hard wood flooring

Pure and exquisite hardwood flooring is a sturdy and timeless possibility in your house that gives lasting magnificence for years. The king of luxurious, hardwood flooring pairs properly with nearly any décor scheme, from the standard and up-to-date to the ultra-modern. And whereas pure hardwood flooring is near the upper end of flooring pricing, its value is justified by its sturdiness, longevity, and chameleon-like design flexibility. 

All these nice bonuses, nevertheless, typically lead many householders to suppose their hardwood flooring is like Superman: invincible and bulletproof. If their apparent lack of a blue go well with and a purple cape wasn’t sufficient of a giveaway, hardwood flooring should not be the Man of Metal. There are loads of wood-flooring “Kryptonite” in your house, from day-by-day grime and scratches to threaten their well-being.  

So, let’s speak about how one retains their hardwoods secure and maintains their sturdiness to maximize their life, maintaining them from the Legion of Doom comprised of grime, water, mud, and dust. Okay, okay. We’ll depart the superhero metaphor behind for the remainder of this piece, albeit begrudgingly.


So, regardless of their perceived invincibility, hardwood flooring is weak in many objects, which may tremendously shorten its lifespan. Nevertheless, the legendary statesman and founding father Benjamin Franklin as soon as stated, “An oz. of prevention is valued as a pound of remedy.” 

That’s an awesome quote; however, what did ole Ben imply? And what should it do with hardwood flooring? What it means, each in its context and within the context of flooring in its most simple kind, is that should you keep one thing, it should last more. Appears so easy. Good luck together with your flooring. I hope you loved this piece, and have an evening!

Okay, not so quick. To finish here wouldn’t be useful, and we’re very useful. 

Be constant with your preventative upkeep on these fine hardwood floors, and you’ll also assist in maintaining them longer. However, ought this be beneath the heading of “Challenges”? Completely. Cease for a second and consider how excited you get to “keep” something. It’s not typically considered enjoyable because of what “keeps” actually “clear.” And as all kids study, cleansing is a chore. 

However, in this case, a significant chore. Filth, water, mud, and dust will be among the most dangerous issues available in contact with your flooring. Using micro-scratches to the protecting end in your flooring, these tiny antagonists trigger harm to the wood itself, encouraging rot and insect penetration. Put one other means; they’ll flip even the sturdiest of wooden floors into one other house renovation challenge. 

Clear Early, Clear Typically

The primary approach to take care of these challenges is to take up that upkeep chore and clear. Clear early, clear typically. One of the simplest ways to take care of your flooring is to brush and vacuum them daily. Everyday cleaning helps stop massive grime, mud, or liquid buildups on your flooring. 

Moreover, it’s best to mop your ground a few times per week as wanted. Suppose you reside in a nation with heavy moisture, snow in the winter, or different environmental elements. In that case, you may find yourself constantly mopping to sort out the quantity of grime and liquid that could be tracked into the house. 

We’ll get to extra on mopping later; however, as you clear early and sometimes, it is very important to clear early and sometimes appropriately. It means there’s a proper and mistaken means to do that. Naturally, there are “proper” provides to use and “mistaken” provides to use when cleansing your hardwood flooring. 

One typically neglected device to do that appropriately is data. You could know a bit of information about your floors. Can’t you keep in mind what you put in? Misplace the paperwork? Did the home have the flooring when you purchased it? Don’t fear; your flooring companions at The Good Guys can help with many questions and issues, so don’t hesitate to select that telephone! We’ll get to how vital this data is as we undergo the instruments of the cleansing commerce. 

Select Your Instruments Properly

When planning or preparing for any challenge, it’s a good suggestion to have all your provides, and instruments lined up and prepared. However, as that is ongoing cleansing and upkeep, what are the instruments and provides?

Microfiber Mud Mop

 Sweep up the stuff, and also, you’re performed. However, immediate technological developments have even made the trusty ole broom much less preferable. Your greatest weapon in opposition to the mud and dirt? A microfiber broom or “mud mop.” 

Like the large business mud mops your faculty janitor used while you were a child, the brand new era of mud mops are available in home-use sizing and with environment-friendly, powerful, but delicate microfiber mud pads for any onerous floor ground, however particularly nice on hardwoods. And with washable and reusable mud pads, you may clear them, swap them out, and never miss a day of cleansing. 

The microfiber mud mop must be your day-to-day hardwood ground cleaner. It works on mud, grime, and particles introduced into or originating in your house, accumulating in your flooring, and might be the perfect ground cleaner in your arsenal. 

Onerous Floor Accepted Vacuum

Add some energy and a little suction for a bit of extra muscle. We’re speaking vacuums, people. Whether or not a conventional guide push, self-propelled, or perhaps a ground robotic, vacuums have been as soon as regarded as a device just for carpeted flooring. Not so immediately, a hardwood ground vacuum is becoming increasingly common as a day-by-day cleansing device for hardwood and different onerous floor floorings. 

However, it’s best to do your homework and suppose when deciding on a vacuum. It’s best to have a vacuum, particularly for hardwood flooring. Sure, this can be a factor that exists. If you are trying to use the identical vacuum in your hardwood as in your carpeting, choose a vacuum that is good for each onerous and smooth surface. 

Hardwood flooring, whereas sturdy, can scratch. And sometimes, the largest wrongdoer is the vacuum – when used incorrectly or utilizing the mistaken mannequin. Hardwood ground vacuums are designed to eliminate the potential for scratching the ground. Hardwood ground, particularly secure vacuums, has sturdy suction functionality balanced in opposition to restricted resistance. They’ve smooth bristles or brushes within the suction head that receive scratch flooring and transfer freely over hardwood and different onerous floor floorings – a key attribute for these vacuums. Hardwood ground vacuums wouldn’t have conventional “beater bars” or metallic agitator bars, so they typically don’t make the most of stiff brush rolls that took the place of beater bars on many upright vacuums designed for carpets. 

Moreover, hardwood ground vacuums have softer rubber or clean plastic-coated wheels that receive scuff or scratch. Do not be confused with the previous onerous plastic wheels of your mother’s scary upright vacuum. These are designed to roll simply on onerous surfaces or transitions without leaving any scratches in any respect. Many have the choice to show off curler brushes altogether. 

Hardwood ground vacuums will want some common upkeep like your flooring, particularly when you’ve got pets. Pet hair constantly will get wrapped around curler brushes and, within the course of picks up particles and grime that doubtlessly might scratch the flooring. 

Onerous Floor Accepted Robotic Vacuum

Another choice that’s gaining recognition, and many people suppose is the perfect hardwood ground vacuum, is the robotic vacuum. Several manufacturers and nice choices are available on the market, some only for hardwoods, some only for carpets, and others designed for higher remedy of each. There are even choices that each vacuum and mop. All of those various kinds of robotic vacuums work on related ideas. They’re saved in a base that expenses them, whereas they aren’t vacuuming; then, at a delegated time, they depart the bottom robotically and transfer around your flooring, utilizing sensors to cowl the bottom and keep away from obstacles. In the easiest phrases, they vacuum for you. 

Robotic vacuums typically price at a minimal number of hundred and into the 1000s of {dollars}. However, they’re an awesome possibility for many householders. Nevertheless, one frequent grievance about robotic vacuums comes from pet house owners. Many robotic vacuums cannot detect if the household pet has an accident on the ground. They roll over that mess – whether or not liquid or strong – and unfold it all through the room, creating extra mess and odor and doubtlessly damaging the machine itself. All issues to think about earlier than buying a robotic vacuum. 

However, when the household pet makes a large number, you will want more than a mud mop or a vacuum. That’s when issues get a bit soapy and, hopefully, loads cleaner.

Microfiber Moist Mops

Whether or not it’s a few times every week or as a response to a large number from Fido, there’s a time when the trusty ole mop continues to be the most suitable choice to wash your wood flooring. However, whereas “mop” conjures psychological photos of yarn on a pole with a bucket stuffed with dish cleaning soap for many individuals, like broom know-how of the twenty-first century, mops have come a good distance. However, you’ll want to choose the fitting mop for your flooring. 

Very similar to bristle brooms or vacuums, mops have to be hardwood ground pleasant. Like their mud mop counterparts, microfiber is the main mop material for hardwood flooring. Microfiber never scratches, absorbs moisture, and attracts and collects mud.

Wooden Ground Cleansing Options

However, after getting a pleasant hardwood ground mop, you solely have half the instruments you want. You’ll want some cleansing liquid, and usually talking, something is better than water. Water is the enemy of hardwood flooring. It may rot, warp, and plain destroys hardwood flooring. So, clear up spills instantly, and should you have to use water to mop your hardwood flooring, use it sparingly. Damp-mop solely, not a moist mop. 

However, a greater possibility is a cleansing resolution and the perfect mop for hardwood flooring. There are microfiber mops with built-in resolution storage and spray allotting choices. These are nice for daily or weekly cleaning and spot cleansing on an as-needed foundation. Be sure to utilize a pleasant hardwood ground resolution, ideally one helpful by your ground’s producer.

Do not forget the obligatory ground data we mentioned earlier. Right here’s the place it turns into useful. Any incorrect cleansing resolution and product might doubtlessly void your ground’s guarantee. So, be sure you know all the data you may have in your flooring – producer’s guarantee, date of manufacture, helpful cleansing merchandise, chemical compounds that would void the guarantee – something that would doubtlessly negatively impression your flooring or guarantee. And in case your flooring was completed independently of the manufacturing course, you’ll know the identical data on the end as you do for the flooring itself.

Moreover, should you be searching for extra pure ground cleaners, there are various nice choices, once more, if they work together with your flooring per the producer. Select pH-neutral cleaning soap merchandise or cleaning soap merchandise that doesn’t comprise oil or different petroleum-based merchandise. Avoid using waxes, dusting, or furnishings spray, as these can comprise chemical compounds and oils that won’t solely harm but can truly appeal to extra grime and particles to the ground. If you have to use the previous standby of dish cleaning soap, ensure it’s light, non-abrasive, and incorporates no chemical compounds that may harm the ground or the end. And the identical goes for sprucing your flooring! Avoid the previous standby “ground wax” and solely use a wooden ground polish that’s permitted to work with your flooring. 


When you’re all clear and polished, it’s time to guard your flooring. Don’t take several primary steps to guard your flooring against different scratches. In these kinds of scratch conditions, the primary wrongdoer is one thing you, in all probability, use daily: your furnishings.

Please look at the underside of any furnishings leg, help, or rail that touches your ground and ensure it has a padded or scratch-resistant floor on the level of contact. Even though it is heavy and doesn’t sometimes transfer, a bump or push might trigger a scratch to your ground. 

If your furnishings have casters or wheels, rubber caster cups can reduce motion and forestall scratches to your flooring. 

Rubberized or plastic ft on chairs or sofa bottoms must be checked to see if they’re scratch resistant and can work with the ground per the producer. If not, felt or rubber pads can shield your flooring for years.  

Do you have to encounter a scratch, search for manufacturer-recommended scratch restore pencils, or perhaps a shade match scratch crayon? And keep in mind that hardwood flooring can always be refreshed and brought back to life with refinishing!

If doubtful, always have a partner in Fixitxpress to help with your flooring safety, cleansing, and refinishing questions. Don’t hesitate to contact them for your floorings and residential transformation wants!

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