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What to do when domestic water pressure is too high? 

water pressure
water pressure

High water pressure is an emergency that needs attention. You’ve observed that your bath water trickles? And how long does it take to refill your washer? These are all indicators of low water stress, and this frequent concern seems to affect many households. Have you ever considered what occurs when your dwelling’s water stress is too excessive?

Excessive water pressure shortens the life cycle of your home equipment. It damages your plumbing fixtures, resulting in leaks and pipe bursts. Not only that, however, extreme water waste is dangerous for the atmosphere and should cost you more than you think.

You might be in the appropriate place if:

  • You hear banging noises popping out of your pipes.
  • Your home equipment leaks every so often;
  • You seek recommendations from skilled professionals.

So, let’s discover why your home’s water stress is just too excessive and, in the meantime, discover ways to take a look at it. Hopefully, you can discover that the issue isn’t as intimidating.

Signs of excessive water pressure in your home

Banging Sounds in PipesWe’ve all heard that scary banging noise popping out of the pipes. It’s referred to as “water,” which occurs when rushing, heavy water suddenly halts. A fixture, reminiscent of a faucet or a valve, might stop the water.

The result is a shock wave sent out by the water in your plumbing system. Sturdy vibrations create the well-known shuddering sounds in your pipes.

  1. Fixtures that leak and burst hoses

Your home’s plumbing fixtures can’t stand up to extreme water stress. The pipes and hoses burst when a strong water flow pushes against the fittings. And this will even create a pinhole leak, which seems solely to occur after the damage to your partitions or ceiling has been completed.

According to statistics, water stress above 80 psi (kilos per square inch) causes the failure of water fixtures.

The commonest indicators are spitting or leaking taps, particularly if it’s coming from the cold faucet. Another telltale sign is the appearance of a small stream of spraying water on the stream’s sides.

If your sink is leaking or there are any visible flaws in your plumbing community, contact Expert Plumbing Service near you.

  1. Failing Home Equipment

You’ve purchased a brand-new washer that failed through the first month. Did your dishwasher flood the kitchen? Don’t rush the producer, as untimely equipment failure is a symptom of excessive water stress.

A leaking water heater’s fault could be attributable to extreme water pressure because the equipment’s inside components can’t stand up to excessive stress. So, be cautious; verify that the water stress doesn’t exceed 80 PSI. In any other case, you might call the closest technician for a dishwasher repair service.

And before you blame your plumbing firm or your water supply community, first discover what causes the issue.

Causes of Excessive Water Pressure

Most adjustments in water stress are the suppliers’ responsibility. Remember that if many buildings or hills surround your property, you may experience much water stress. The provider pumps much more water to achieve these dwellings on high floors.

Helpful hint: The typical water stress ranges from 3 to 5,5 bars, depending on the location of your property.

Hearth hydrants use many liters of water in a matter of minutes, and to function as intended, they require a stronger stream. If you live near one, it could be the source of your home’s high water pressure.

When the water pump performs maintenance, trapped air is formed inside your pipes and will quickly increase stress. Attempt to run your taps for a few minutes to see if that may repair the difficulty.

Irregular stress might result from the re-routing of the water supply community. Normally, businesses are environmentally friendly, and traditional water distribution returns promptly. On some occasions, the issue arises because of your fixtures and installations.

Now that you recognize what causes the issues with your water stress, it’s time to discover ways to act.

Methods to Diagnose and Repair Excessive Water Pressure in Your Home

So in case you are a DIY plumbing fanatic, we’ve gathered the precise 3 steps to comply with.

Step 1: Examine With a Water Stress Gauge.

The water pressure gauge measures its utilized pressure when the liquid is at rest. The instrument is straightforward to use, composed of a dial indicator, a braided hose, and a valve.

A stress gauge is the most basic method for determining your property’s water stress. You’ll find the instrument in most “hardware” shops or order it online.

Helpful tip: Do not forget that the residential water pressure shouldn’t exceed 80 psi. If your stress gauge shows that your pressure is higher than that, you should take action.

Step 2: Use a Pressure Discount Valve

The valve controls the flow of water through an inside diaphragm. Set the regulator to your most popular setting.

Installing a pressure discount valve could be the final solution to your excessive water stress problem. It requires certain plumbing abilities and information to put in the instrument. Book a plumbing installation service.

But you could tell you had the experience, and you also looked for a DIY problem. Since you’ve brought some work forward, you’d better know how to use a tubing cutter.

The regulator lasts for over 7 years and is useful for your water payments. As the Worldwide Plumbing Code claims, it’s always clever to have one put in. On top of that, you could save a minimum of 60 liters of water per hour. Isn’t that nice?

Helpful tip: Don’t flip down the mains stopcock, as it might trigger diminished circulation and a loud plumbing system.

Step 3: Contact Your Plumbing Service

Name your water firm. Suppose you discover that your water stress exceeds traditional requirements when the pressure exceeds 100 psi. In that case, this might point out an issue within the water supply community.

The provider is responsible for ensuring that your property receives regular water. Corporations allow you to file a grievance if dissatisfied with their actions.

A unique guide to calling an emergency plumbing service


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