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7 Actionable Home Maintenance Checklist Ideas For A Better Living

home maintenance
home maintenance

There is a proverb, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That adage is especially accurate regarding the fall home maintenance checklist since nowhere is it more true than in your own home. You may save a tonne of time and money later on by taking good care of your home now. When it comes to house maintenance, these are some of the most prevalent problems frequently neglected.

Home Maintenance Check List for Gutters Maintenance

Numerous issues are brought on by clogged, leaky, inappropriately sloped, or improperly channeled gutters. The issues include water infiltration in basements and lower floors and wood rot. Gutter cleaning is an essential aspect of fall home maintenance. Make sure to inspect your downspouts as well for appropriate drainage and flow.

Sump Pump Maintenance

In the Cincinnati area, the majority of people own a basement. You’ll probably need to periodically pump groundwater out of your basement to prevent it from becoming a swimming pool. That is why having a battery backup sump pump is crucial.

Groundwater will eventually cause significant harm if you have a finished basement but no battery backup system installed. These solutions offer enormous peace of mind and can cost less than an insurance deductible. By performing a system check in the fall, you can ensure that your house is prepared for the winter’s end rains and snowmelt.

Caulking Maintenance

Wood rot and other damage will eventually result from holes in your home’s wood trim, doors, windows, and other openings that allow water to enter. Your door frame and threshold are two of the most commonly forgotten places to caulk.

If this is not done, moisture may seep into the door trim, sills, and framing, necessitating costly door frame repairs. Checking your caulking for wear or cracks in the fall is a fantastic idea. If so, scrape off the old caulk and add a fresh bead. It will keep your house safe during the entire winter.

Climate Stripping Installation & Maintenance

Making sure your doors and windows are airtight is among the most crucial aspects of fall home maintenance. Weather stripping should be installed on the doors’ top, bottom, and sides. You might also employ a draught stopper or install a door sweep.

Windows may require weather stripping along the bottom of the sash. Other insulation materials can be used to seal any further gaps you find in your windows.

Home Maintenance Checklist – Roof Inspection & Maintenance

The majority of homeowners ignore their roof until it begins to leak. We advise conducting a fall roof inspection to detect any minor repair requirements. It can involve flashing around chimneys and vent boots, cracks in the nails, and broken shingles. Both interior damage and a new roof are pricey. Spending a few hundred dollars a year on maintenance will shield the house’s other components from harm while extending the roof’s lifespan.

External Faucets Maintenance

Failure of the hose bibb, or outdoor faucet, is one of the main reasons for a winter basement leak. Do more than just cut the hose to protect your home. Winterizing your exterior faucets is one of the fall home maintenance activities you should finish before the first freeze. It’s a simple method to avoid a frozen and burst pipe calamity in the basement.

Insulation Maintenance service

Checking the thickness of your attic insulation in the fall is an excellent idea. Insulation can compact over time, even if you formerly had the correct amount, making your home less insulated than it once was.

Attic insulation installation is easy to do and will end up saving you a tonne of money.

Full Home Maintenance

Even if the aforementioned isn’t an exhaustive list of autumn house maintenance tasks, it’s a wonderful place to start. Suppose you don’t have the time or desire to handle home repairs or upkeep. In that case, Fixitxpress Plumbing & Handyman is a fantastic option. Fixitxpress employs experts that recognize that accuracy, artistry, and attention to detail are essential components of any successful home maintenance or repair operation.


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